VicAssam publishes a yearly magazine called the “Enajori”, which is released during the annual Bohag (Rongali) Bihu Celebration. The first two issues (2007 and 2008) were published in the hand written wall magazine style. The 2009 issue was published in the digital wall magazine format. The present A4 size digital magazine format was adopted in 2010.

Enajori includes articles from authors within the Assamese community of Melbourne as well as from outside Australia. Enajori has a section for the juniors where contributions from the children of the Melbourne Assamese community are included.

The  digital editions of Enajori are available through this website. The analogue versions of 2007 and 2008 will be made available as soon as they are converted to the digital form.

Please click on the links below or on the side bar to read the magazine.

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